Gaming Christmas Cards

Twelve Games of Christmas – Gaming Christmas Cards

The idea for the Retro Review “Twelve Games of Christmas” art project came about a few years ago. I was in my mid 20s and Christmas had started to lose the spark that it once had. A friend of mine bought me a retro game that I used to have as a kid. As I tore open his terribly wrapped present I had a moment of pure nostalgia when I saw it… I felt like a kid again.

I wanted to bring that nostalgia and Christmas feeling to gamers everywhere. Whether that is in the form of a shirt that instantly makes people in public scream “wow I remember that game” to a Christmas card for your friends and family that reminds them of their favourite Christmas present as a kid.

Gaming Christmas Cards


These wonderfully festive A6 sized Christmas cards are of a very limited print run of 100 of each. As featured on Kickstarter this 12 games of Christmas art project went above and beyond its goal.

These Christmas Sweater designs are printed in brilliant full colour, onto a 300gsm coated stock (uncoated inside for easy writing!). It comes complete with brown ribbed envelopes for a festive feel!

As I mentioned before this is a very limited print run in this design; so you could be one of the very few in the world to send this card out on Christmas 🙂

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