Trap Door ZX Spectrum

The Trap Door – Don’t Stay Away From That Trap Door

Trap Door – Worth an Earache For

Trap Door was one of my favourite ZX Spectrum games. It took about 20 minutes to load from the cassette player, but it was worth it. The 20 minutes of ear aching torture (which sounded like R2D2 in a blender) was worth it to play Trap Door. I really feel like ZX Spectrum games should have come with a warning label about that.

Nostalgia Driven Fun

Anyway, I am heading off topic. This game was great fun. You had to run around collecting cans of worms and growing big plants. Generally doing everything that the evil guy upstairs shouts at Berk to do. If you want to get really nostalgic on this one you have to listen to the Spectrum title music. Fans of this game will remember.

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