Hidden Assassins Mortal Kombat Mask Review

Crouching Tiger Hidden Assassins – Mortal Kombat Masks

These masks created by Hidden Assassins should be at the top of the must-have list for any fan of the Mortal Kombat series. I am a huge fan of the MK franchise and like many of you, over the years I have come across lots of memorabilia and merch that I have bought to fill my man cave with.

Hidden Assassins Found!

How did I come across these masks you say? Well, its the Halloween of ‘13 and I fancied dressing up as Scorpion for a change. It’s rare I make an effort on Halloween but the second the mask appeared in my browser I had to click BUY NOW! If that wasn’t good enough, pretty much 10 minutes after, I was scrolling through his catalogue of designs and had to get the Sub Zero MK9 light up to go with it.

Its always worrying when you buy on impulse. 10 minutes after clicking that button and parting with your hard-earned money, you come to the realisation that you just threw money at your computer screen without thinking. Within a week of ordering, 2 boxes arrived containing my made to order, handmade custom masks.

The Unboxing

I tore the box open like a child on Christmas day, carefully unwrapping the many layers of extremely well packed mummified bubble wrap to reveal the first mask. The light catching the gold reflects back at me, as the music from Zelda played through in my head. DA DA DA DAAAAAAA!

I was lost for words as I stood staring at every little bit of this highly detailed, handmade Scorpion mask sculpture. The mask is made from a resin mould that the artist had hand sculpted. There are so many small details in there. For me, it was the first time I’d felt like a computer game had come to life in my hands. It was like running into my TV whilst playing MK9, uppercutting Scorpion himself then doing a runner with his mask. “Toastie”.

The Scorpion Mask

The details are highlighted further with the perfectly finished hand painted, non-toxic, dry brushed, acrylic paint job. It is a dream to see something done so well. This is a must-have for anyone out there who love to Cosplay as their favourite on-screen character.

When it comes to masks its all good if they look great, but really it NEEDS to be comfortable as well. Sometimes you’ll be wearing them for a long period of time after all. These masks from Hidden Assassins definitely had that point in mind when creating them. They have a well-hidden layer of foam in the back of the masks for comfort. They also have good ventilation, allowing me to wear it throughout the party. Unless it’s to drink a beer or two.

The strap that holds the mask to your face is also made from a good quality elastic that can be altered. Whether you’ve got a melon for a head or a pin, it fits snugly without snapping or falling off.

The Sub Zero Mask

Across the room is box number 2. I’m even more excited now. If the Scorpion one looks this badass how awesome is Sub Zero’s mask going to look? I tear open the box and once again unwrap a billion layers of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap this time felt like it was a never-ending roll or a really bad game of pass the parcel. But protection is key and I’m glad to see Hidden Assassins ensuring that my purchase was safe.

There’s excitement filling the air now, as I reach the final layer; a cloth duster protecting the finished sculpture. At this stage, the room is kinda half filled with bubble wrap starting to look like a Rolling Stones music video, but with more plastic.

I look upon it… just WOW! My friend at this stage enters the room, as I phoned him up after seeing the Scorpion one. He takes one look at it and in his true legend of one-liners, he says to me “Dude, that ain’t just cool… That’s Sub-Zero”! The room was deadly quiet, with that uncomfortable silence before we both start laughing like Beavis and Butthead.

Then, I remember that the mask lights up and we are both staring at it in confusion trying to work out how. There at the bottom of the box was a large watch battery (supplied by Hidden Assassins) we look in between the foam and there is a place to insert the battery. *Click* The blue glow emanating now, we turn the lights off and just stare at it for a moment.

Best Halloween Costumes Ever!

At this stage, he turns to me and says “If you ain’t wearing that on Halloween I am”. Now it’s safe to say at this point, that my friend hasn’t dressed up for Halloween since he was about 8. Anything that can turn a grown man into a child again even for a moment is pure Nostalgia in a box. We spent that Halloween running around like gaming ninjas and it really did feel like we were back at school again. The only thing missing was a FRIENDSHIP sign. I think we will probably have to do that next year with a better-made outfit to do the masks justice!

The Verdict

Both of these masks are everything I expected and more! They make for amazing costume pieces. You could also buy a stand to have it on display in your games room or man cave. I couldn’t recommend Hidden Assassins enough. I now own an amazing handmade, one of a kind product. Better yet, it arrived on time, even with my last minute order before Halloween. It was also packaged really well. Clearly, a lot of care goes into everything Hidden Assassins create!

Where can I buy them?

You can buy these masks direct from the Hidden Assassins website. If you are after something different, you can also contact them on Facebook. I have been told they do quite a few custom jobs for Cosplayers too. So definitely check them out if that’s your thing.

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