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PlayStation Classic – 15 Games We Want to See

Well, that one came out of nowhere, didn’t it? Nobody really asked for it, but we’re getting it anyway. Sony is making the PlayStation Classic and it’s coming on December 3rd right in time for Christmas. So far only 5 games have been announced. To be frank, I find that pretty annoying, but it gives me a good chance to speculate on what could be for the PlayStation Classic library.

PlayStation Classic Games So Far

So far on the PlayStation Classic, 5 out of 20 games have been announced. We’ll be getting Final Fantasy VII (no surprise there), Tekken 3 (nice!), Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms and the absolute must-have Jumping Flash! Yeah, I’ll lay it out here, I’ve never played the last one. It looks okay though.

The fact that Sony has only announced 5 games so far is making me seriously nervous. I’m praying to the gaming gods that they haven’t shown their best hand straight away. My finger’s hovering over the “cancel pre-order button” and it’ll remain there until I get a definitive answer.

Let’s fantasize for a bit, shall we? Here’s a list of 15 games that I’d like to see announced in the Sony PlayStation Classic library.

Hogs of War

Of course Hogs of War is making this list. How can you not love a game about anthropomorphic pigs waging war against each other? A turn-based strategy game with voice acting from the late great Rik Mayall. Yes, Hogs of War definitely deserves a place on the Sony PlayStation Classic.


The beginning of a JRPG franchise with a huge cult following. Suikoden was developed and published by Konami and is a game loved by plenty. Nowadays, an original copy of this game will set you back a small fortune. For that alone, I’d welcome it on the PlayStation Classic. It’s also a solid game which you’ll be devoting around 20 hours to from start to finish.

Kula World (Roll Away)

Kula World (also known as Roll Away in the US) is an incredibly addictive 3D platform puzzle game. Not everything has to be weapons, explosions, and monsters! Sometimes the urge to guide a beach ball around a 3D Maze just takes ahold of you. Kula World will help to broaden the range of game genres on the PlayStation Classic.

Silent Hill

Like it wasn’t going to come up at some point. Sony intends to include what they refer to as “genre-defining” titles on the PlayStation Classic. You can’t get more genre-defying than the original Silent Hill. This game still gives me the creeps despite the polygon graphics. We need a horror game on this system and it needs to be Silent Hill.

Team Buddies

The PlayStation Classic comes bundled with two controllers so you can TEAM up with your BUDDIES. What better game to include then than Team Buddies? Senselessly fight amongst each other to procure boxes, net yourself some weapons and open fire. Team Buddies is also somewhat of a rarity these days, so it would be nice to see it more readily available.

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

I’m not including the Crash Bandicoot or Spyro trilogy on this list purely because they’ve both received recent remasters. Croc was massively overshadowed by the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro, but that doesn’t stop it from being a decent 3D platformer.

In fact, it’s rumoured that Croc was the original inspiration behind Super Mario 64. You see, developer Argonaut Software originally pitched the 3D platform idea to Nintendo featuring the oh so adorable Yoshi. The idea was dismissed by Nintendo and so Argonaut took their business elsewhere. Sometime soon after, Super Mario 64 was announced! That’s the short of it, but basically, Croc was supposed to be Yoshi and Nintendo may have done the dirty on Argonaut Games.


I’ve got a lot of fond memories playing Driver. I probably sank way too many hours into it. Sure, the series plummeted pretty dramatically downhill after the first two, but prior to Driv3r the series was great in my opinion. Will it hold up well in 2018? I’m not so sure, but the nostalgia factor will be there for me at least.

Future Cop LAPD

Apparently, in the future, cops control giant rocket toting mechs. Like Robocop on steroids, you tear through bad guys with an arsenal of weapons at your disposal. Luckily, you’re not responsible for all the paperwork after.

Kurushi Final (Intelligent Qube)

Another puzzle game this time, however, Kurushi Final is very much unique in its own right. The player is placed onto a platform with various numbers of rows. Your job is to essentially stay on that platform as large blocks come rolling slowly towards you. If you want to win, you need to always be thinking one step ahead. It’s quite the brain tickler and I think it’ll sit comfortably in the PlayStation Classic library.

Bishi Bashi Special

In one word this game is bizarre. Bishi Bashi Special would be great fun on the PlayStation Classic, especially with a friend. Published and developed by Konami, it features a series of whacky mini-games. Each mini-game is very unique which helps to mix things up a lot. If you’ve never experienced Bishi Bashi Special before, make sure you go in mentally prepped; it’s weird… very weird.

Medal of Honor

I was a big fan of the Medal of Honor series and then the series went and died. For a PS1 title, the graphics still hold up pretty well and that’s always good news. It’s always quite disheartening when you return to a game after so many years only to realise it always looked like a dropped plate of spaghetti.


This game is the reason I couldn’t spell Medieval properly for so long. You play as a knight resurrected from the dead on a journey to defeat an evil sorcerer. Medievil’s art-style was always very quirky and for some reason images of it have lodged themselves in my brain. I seem to remember really enjoying it and would happily play it once again on the PlayStation Classic. Hey! Let’s go nuts and also throw Medievil 2 in there for good measure.

Metal Gear Solid

Iconic. Check. Genre-defining. Check. Metal Gear Solid is and probably always will be adored by the masses. A truly awesome stealth action game from the brilliant mind of Hideo Kojima. What more can I say? Unless you’re a moon person, you probably know enough about it already. So, in these last couple of sentences, I’m just going to plug another article. Check out this fan-made remake of the Metal Gear Solid introduction. It’s pretty cool!

Crash Team Racing

Crash Team Racing was Sony’s answer to Mario Kart 64 and personally, I think it’s better. What? Sue me! We’ve had a remake of the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, but where’s the love for CTR? I’ll gladly play this game again on the PlayStation Classic!

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is sick and depraved, and I love it! If clowns give you the creeps, you might want to avoid this game. Enter the arena and make sure you’re the last one standing… or driving. This game is what Destruction Derby would be if it watched too many horror movies as a kid.

The PlayStation Classic Wild Card – Rugrats: Search For Reptar

I’m a fully-grown man with a strange yearning to once again play Rugrats: Search For Reptar. What’s wrong with me? Evidently, I’m not the only one, so that’s at least reassuring. I see this game crop up from time to time on social media with hordes of comments about how great this game was back in the day. Can I see it coming to the PlayStation Classic? No! But this weirdo can dream, right?

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