Pac-Man Oven Gloves

Retro Cooking With Pac-Man Oven Gloves

Pac-Man Oven Gloves – Let’s Get Cooking!

If you’re an avid retro gamer, it can sometimes be hard to integrate that passion into your whole home. Luckily, these Pac-Man oven gloves, allow for you to add a little bit of gaming goodness to your kitchen.

They don’t just look great, they’re practical too! Why do you need them? Without these Pac-Man Oven Gloves, it would be like climbing death mountain without a fire tunic every time you get food out of the oven.

Playing The Long Game

Now, I bought these when I first moved into my new house. I thought it best to give it a while before I reviewed them though. Normally with largely licensed gaming products (particularly Pac-Man and Space Invaders), you’ll find they’re cheaply made and fall apart in no time at all. These gloves, on the other hand (well both hands), have been brilliant! They are very thick and durable and I have used and washed them for a good few months without them falling apart or burning me.

Get the Pac-Man Look

The design is pretty cool with a black outer design with Pac-Man pellets, ghosts, and bonus food. It also features a blue trim and blue inner area which contrasts well against the outside so even your Mrs would find it appealing to the eye.

My Verdict

Overall these Pac-Man Oven Gloves are a great little product. They not only look cool but are functional too! They’re also durable which is something you definitely want when placing your hands on burning hot metal. Still not sold because they are just oven gloves? Well, they double up as a great duel challenging device. Walk up to your mate and be all like “I challenge you to a duel on Street Fighter”. *slaps friend in the face with oven gloves of doom*.

Where Can I Buy Them?

I have seen these on a few websites and even the odd gadget shop, but my personal choice would be Gamerabilia. They are much cheaper than the big gadget stores and they have an awesome range of gaming products. Be sure to check them out!

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