Nintendo Switch NES Controllers

Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Announced

If you recently tuned into Nintendo Direct, you’ll know that once again a push is being made on the classic NES library. Apparently, the New Nintendo Online service will play host to a growing library of classic NES games. For a little extra oomph of authenticity, a new set of Nintendo Switch NES controllers have been announced.

These wireless controllers come as a pair and dock onto the Switch in the same way regular Joy-Con controllers do. They’re likely to make it onto the Christmas wish lists of many die-hard Nintendo fans.

Where to Buy Nintendo Switch NES Controllers

The new Switch NES Controllers were branded a “Nintendo Switch Online Exclusive” during the recent announcement. The controllers will be available for pre-purchase at $59.99 on September 18th, the same day as Nintendo Online launches. By the looks of things, they’ll only be available on Nintendo’s website.

Wait! There’s a Catch.

Some observant Nintendo Direct viewers may have noticed the small print at the bottom of the Nintendo Switch NES Controllers advert. That small print read…

“Nintendo Switch System, Nintendo Switch Online membership (both sold separately) and Nintendo Account required. Limit 1 purchase per paid membership. Controllers do not include Joy-Con functionality. Orders are expected to ship starting this December.”

What This Means

It somewhat seems like the new Switch NES Controllers are being held to ransom; at least for the time being. You can’t purchase this new product unless you’re subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online and they’re limited to 1 per membership. I suppose this kind of makes sense, considering the NES games will only be available to play through Switch Online. I kind of just want them to display on a shelf though. They’d look pretty fancy amongst the other Nintendo trinkets I’ve accumulated over the years.

We all know Nintendo love a bit of exclusivity. It’s pretty safe to assume that this is an extra product made to make their new online service more appealing. This may well usher more subscribers into Nintendo Online memberships and it’s fair to assume that Nintendo is bagging on that.

Those hoping to scoop up multiple loads of these controllers for resale purposes might find it difficult to do so. If you had cartoon dollar signs in your eyes after seeing this announcement, you may well be out of luck. This probably won’t be a classic mini scenario. With that said, as December draws in I expect to see a fair few on eBay slapped with extortionate price tags.

Nintendo Switch NES Controllers Scalping Dr Evil

Watch Nintendo Direct 2018

If you missed Nintendo Direct and want to know what they have in the works, you can watch it below. I’ve set the video to start at the announcement for the Switch NES Controllers. There are some great things to look forward to in the coming months though so if you have the time spare, give the full thing a watch!

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