Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack

Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack Announced

A double pack of the Mini Nintendo Famicom and Super Famicom has surfaced.

Nintendo’s latest attempt to profit from their classic games library comes in the form of a double pack. The Nintendo Famicom Mini and Super Famicom Mini will be bundled together in one convenient double pack. For those that do not yet own either of the two, this may be great news! The same bundle could well hit America and Europe soon.

A Glimpse at Future of the NES Mini & SNES Mini?

Although nothing has been stated yet, it’s hard not to think that both America and Europe will be receiving the same treatment soon. This means die-hard PAL and NTSC collectors may be looking to fork out once again for both of Nintendo’s classic mini systems. For those who have yet to bite the bullet and succumb to Nintendo’s latest contraptions, soon may be the ideal time. Hopefully, these will be available to grab at a slightly lower RRP. With that said, nothing has yet been stated about a price regarding the Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack. Should things change, we’ll look to keep you updated.

When is the N64 Mini Coming?

I know right? For me, this announcement is slightly unwelcome news. I’d much rather have seen some developments on the N64 Mini’s front. It’s beginning to look more likely that we won’t see an N64 Mini (this year at least). Right now, Nintendo seems occupied on shifting the leftover units of both the Mini Famicom and Super Famicom. This will likely be the same for the Mini NES and Mini SNES in the coming months. All is not lost yet though, there’s still time for Nintendo to make an announcement before the Christmas hype sets in. Let’s all keep those gaming fingers and thumbs crossed.

Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack – Update

The Nintendo Classic Mini Double Pack will be releasing in Japan on the 15th September. It is currently up for pre-order at Play-Asia for £120.36 ($154.85).


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