Mario 3DS Holder Review

Mario Nintendo 3DS Holder Review

Not Just For Newer Handhelds

Now I know what you’re thinking, “How is this retro related, it’s built for a 3DS”. Well, my friends, this Mario 3DS Holder fits my Green Gameboy Colour perfectly. This large collectible Mario, licensed by Nintendo and built by First 4 Figures, can sit on your gaming tower holding out the almighty Gameboy, as it begs you to play some Super Mario Land!


“But Matt, I don’t own a Gameboy?”. Well, if you ask me, this is a multifunctional Mario 3DS Holder. If you own a SNES or NES, Mario can hold your pad. The NES pad is a little small but if placed right it will hold it nicely. I also tried my N64 pad which he somehow manages to hold. Sadly, it covers his face. If only they did a Luigi one you could have a matching pair for your player one and player 2 pads.

Build Quality

As far as build quality goes, it is brilliant for the price. The plastic is sturdy and thick and the base is a nice size, which makes it quite difficult to knock over. The last thing you want is a broken Gameboy!

Trust me, if you have space for him, look out for this Mario 3DS Holder. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a pretty and well-painted stand that allows you to show off your geekiness to all your friends. What more could you want?

Where can I buy it?

You used to be able to pick this up from our good friends at Firebox but it appears that they are all out of stock at the moment. Hopefully, they will be getting some more of these in soon. Can’t find one? It’s not game over yet. If all else fails, you can usually always turn to Amazon or eBay.

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