Knuckles Chaotix Sega 32X

Knuckles Chaotix Sega 32X – I Know De Way

What was Knuckles Chaotix?

Part of the Sonic Series, Knuckles Chaotix was one of the first games I got for my 32X along with Virtua Fighter. The storyline was based around Dr Robotnik trying to steal the chaos emeralds yet again. In the process the evil Dr captures Knuckles friends and the only way to save them is one at a time using a “ring of power”.

Knuckles Chaotix Characters

Each level is based around a cooperation of knuckles with each of the trapped friends. When paired with different characters Knuckles gains different abilities and special moves that allow you to get through this platform game like never before in any of the previous Sonic games.

When teamed with Espio knuckles has the ability to walk upright on walls and ceilings, and instead of curling up into a ball when performing the spin dash, he twists into a tornado and can destroy unguarded enemies by running headlong into them at full speed.

When teamed with Mighty knuckles becomes a faster runner and he has the ability to scale walls with his feet and push himself upward.

When teamed with Vector, the largest member of Chaotix, knuckles moves include a mid-air dash and the ability to climb on walls.

Finally, when teamed with Charmy, the smallest character in the game, Knuckles has the ability to fly giving him a definite edge over the other characters.

A Brief Summary and Verdict on Knuckles Chaotix

Overall these new abilities add some great dimensions to an already brilliant platform game. If you don’t have a 32x I would recommend it for this game alone.

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