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Music Festival Season! – Retro Gaming & Movie Festival Shirts

We love music festival season here at Retro Review! Nothing beats listening to your favourite music whilst playing some of the best retro games. As homage to some of our favourite games and movies we decided to create a series of mashup designs taking characters and places from them and introducing them into the music festival scene in the form of awesomely retro fest shirts.

Star Wars As A Music Festival

We felt that one festival wouldn’t do the Star Wars Saga justice so it was split into two music festivals; celebrating both the light and dark side of the force. Darklord Festival took inspiration from the UK’s Download Festival and Rebel Fest took inspiration from Blackpool’s Rebellion Punk Festival.

darklord star wars music festival

rebel fest star wars punk music festival


Killer Festival – Horror Music Fest

We had a lot of fun with this one! Each scary slasher and horror villain has been paired with iconic band logos from the past and present. The sponsors are even the oldschool horror legends Wolfman, Dracula and Frankenstein.

horror festival shirt design

Wyld Stallyns Excellent Tour – Music Festival

As huge fans of the movie Bill and Ted we have had the honour of working for Alex Winter (aka Bill S Preston Esquire) on some previous Wyld Stallyns designs. This latest festival shirt brings the best festival lineup since 410BC in Athens. A parody of some of the most iconic band logos of all time featuring the famous faces of Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure.

wyld stallyns music festival shirt

As seen worn by Keanu Reeves with Hideo Kojima:

keanu reeves wyld stallyns shirt

Recently updated to full colour:

wyld stallyns excellent tour shirt festival

Wyld Stallyns – Battle of the Bands

This Bill and Ted’s Bogus journey design is part of the Trilogy I am working on. The colour scheme was chosen by Alex Winter himself and his kids love wearing theirs.

bill ted wyld stallyns festival shirt

Mutants Rock – TMNT Festival

T.U.R.T.L.E. POWER. with this TMNT inspired festival tee. This design was also created with sleeve designs for long sleeve tees.

tmnt festival shirt mutants rock

Batapalooza – Batman Festival

As a bit of a comic book nerd and lover of the Batman Arkham series it was only natural that Batman needed his own festival design, complete with the most metal of logos for the bat himself.

batman festival shirt design

Triforce Tour – Zelda Music Festival

No festival lineup would be complete without everyone’s favourite Hyrule warrior!

zelda music festival shirt

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These designs are now all available on TeePublic. You can even buy the designs on posters, laptop cases, bags and more.

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