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How to Retrieve Game Discs Stuck in Consoles

Here’s How to Retrieve a Disc Stuck in 7 Different Consoles

We’ve all been there. Causally enjoying our favourite games and POW! Permanent game over! The TV’s complaining about input signals and you’re left scratching your melon. I miss the good old days when consoles rarely broke. Even if they did, it was simple to retrieve your game. Nowadays, you have to crack out the toolbox and fetch the teeny-tiny screwdrivers. Thankfully, some console manufacturers saw sense, predicted the inevitable and installed a manual eject feature. On the other hand, others didn’t. Don’t panic, your beloved game isn’t gone for good. If we can retrieve it, you sure can too. This article will cover how to retrieve a disc stuck in 7 different consoles.

In this tutorial on how to remove jammed discs from consoles, we’ll cover –

  • Sony “Phat” PS2
  • Original Xbox
  • Nintendo Wii (Gamecube Port Model)
  • Sony PS3 Slim
  • Microsoft XBOX 360
  • Sony PS4
  • Microsoft Xbox One

Before we begin, all responsibility to keep yourself and your possessions safe belongs to you. If you end up with a screwdriver in the eye, that’s not our fault.

What is a Manual Eject on Consoles?

A manual eject as the name suggests is a way of manually convincing your faulty console to loosen its jaws and give up the goods. By that we mean it’s an effective method of retrieving your treasured game when all other hope is lost. This can be achieved even if there’s no power at all going to your console.

Now, this shouldn’t be confused with a force eject feature.

What is a Force Eject on Consoles?

A force eject requires your console to be powered on. It’s a feature which tells the console to spit the game out when it’s not playing by the rules. This is usually achieved by holding the eject button for a longer than average period. Eventually, the disc drive will see sense and spurt out your game.

Disc Stuck in a “Phat” PS2

disc stuck in a phat sony ps2

Remember the PS1? Remember how it had a clam-shell lid? What was wrong with that? Clam-shells are cool. If Sony would have stuck to that across all console models, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. We could both be making the most of our weekend. Oddly enough, Sony maintained a tradition of introducing some models across the PS2 and PS3 era, with exposed disc trays. Not all models, just some models.

The “Phat” PS2 as it has been dubbed by most, was sadly not one of these. It featured a sliding disc tray, activated by pushing a button to the right of it. When it worked, it was great! When it didn’t, it was infuriating! The “Phat” PS2 doesn’t have a manual eject or force eject feature. But don’t worry, it’s not too difficult to get into.

To open a Phat PS2 You’ll Need

  • A precision screwdriver set. Here’s our personal recommendation.
  • A Phillips head screwdriver
  • Something to put screws in. A lid, a jar, a friend’s hand. Whichever you prefer.

Opening a Phat PS2

There’s a warranty seal on the back of the PS2, remove that first or the lid won’t come off. Don’t worry, that warranty expired a long time ago. Now flip the PS2 over. Can you see the little square pads on the base? There’s 8 in total. Pry them open and put them somewhere safe. Now take your Phillips Head screwdriver, stick it in each hole and remove the screws from the base. Put them somewhere safe also. Carefully turn the PS2 over and even more carefully, lift the lid off. There’s a ribbon cable under the lid connecting to the power and eject button, if you’re hoping to repair your PS2 it’s best not to yank these off. If you couldn’t give a three-headed monkey’s about your PS2 though, tear that sucker off! Dropkick it across the room for all we care.

See that black slab which takes up half the console? That’s the disc drive. Remove all the screws on it and pop the top off. Voila! There’s your game! Retrieve it from its prison and put it back in its case. As for your PS2, put it back together if you want. Just follow this tutorial in reverse (Not literally).

Disc Stuck in an Original XBOX

disc stuck in original xbox microsoft console

Thankfully Microsoft had the foresight to include a manual eject feature on the Original XBOX. With your console unplugged, look to the left of the eject button. There’s a small hole at the start of the matte black plastic. All you need to do is find something long and thin to prod in there. A long paperclip will do, something along those lines. Once you’ve hit the sweet spot, the disc tray will just pop right open.

Disc Stuck in a Nintendo Wii (GameCube Port Model)

disc stuck in nintendo wii console

The Nintendo Wii has a force eject feature. So, if you’re console is still powering on, all you need to do is hold down the eject button for about 5 seconds. Don’t keep pressing it over and over, just hold it down. Some other people have apparently found success trying to eject a disc from a Nintendo Wii at a downward facing angle. Because you know… gravity. If none of that’s working, you’re going to have to tear it down.

To Open a Nintendo Wii You’ll Need

  • A precision screwdriver set
  • A security Tri-Wing Screwdriver

Stand your Wii vertically and carefully remove the top flaps (the part where the GameCube controller ports are). Remove the three Phillips head screws and slide out the black panel covering the ports. Remove the two Phillips Head screws and two tri-wing screws located underneath the panel. Remember to keep note of where each screw goes. That way you can easily put it back together afterward.

Opening Your Nintendo Wii

Flip the console over and remove all the screws from the bottom. Next, use a flathead screwdriver to lift the rubber feet off; there are more screws under here. Once this is done, remove the front faceplate of the Wii carefully and use a flathead screwdriver to remove the power connector from inside the console. The power connector has two wires, one red, one black. It’s easy enough to spot. Think of this process like defusing a bomb, except without the fear and excessive sweating.

Next lay the console flat and pry the casing away gently. Now you’re in, lift the metal drive which is covering the Wii optical drive. By this time, you’ll see the disc inside the drive; but you can’t get to it yet. There are four screws holding the top of the disc drive in place. Remove them and lift the top off, being careful not to disconnect the ribbon cable underneath.

Check to see if there’s anything that could potentially be jamming the Wii from ejecting discs. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, do your best to remove it, assemble the Wii again and try the eject button once more. Still no luck? Back to the drawing board. Open it back up and manually lift the disc out from the back. Be very careful not to scratch the disc or damage any components. If you’re more of a visual learner, there are plenty of videos online which show you how to break down a Wii correctly.

Disc Stuck in a PS3 Slim

disc stuck in a sony ps3 slim console

Sony began to see sense with the PS3 and included a manual eject feature on their Slim model. Unplug your console, flip it over and look for a small rectangular door (It’s centered and slightly to the left, underneath where the disc drive would be). Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the door; pull it completely off. Take a small Phillips Head screwdriver and place it into the hole with the white screw. Turn the screw anti-clockwise and the disc will slowly begin to eject. Once it’s out enough, remove the disc and then put the door back in place.

Disc Stuck in an XBOX 360

disc stuck in xbox 360 microsoft console

The early XBOX 360 models were notorious for their faults, so it’s a good thing Microsoft included a manual eject function on their console. Now if only they’d worked out the other kinks in the first place, we wouldn’t have to worry about this.

To remove a jammed disc, all you need to do is remove the faceplate covering the disc drive. This just pops right off. Make sure the console is laying on its side with the word “XBOX 360” across the disc tray up the right way. Take a paperclip and look for three distinct holes underneath the disc tray. There are two on the left and one on the right. Place the paperclip in each hole and the tray should pop right out.

Disc Stuck in a PS4

disc stuck in sony ps4 console

Huzzah! Sony remembered to include a manual eject feature on their latest generation home console. To remove a stuck disk from a PS4 you’ll need a slender Phillips Head Screwdriver and if you’d like, a small flashlight.

First turn off the PS4 and unplug it. Next, slide off the HDD Bay Cover (It’s usually the shinier bit of your PlayStation’s case). With the panel now removed look for the two sets of vents lining the outer left edge. Follow the vent from the front and locate the first “single” slot. Shine your torch into this vent and look for the manual eject screw. Using your screwdriver, turn the screw and watch as the disc begins to emerge. Once completed, remove the disc, replace the cover and you’re good to go.

Disc Stuck in an XBOX ONE

disc stuck in xbox one console

If your XBOX ONE is giving you jip and refusing to give you back your disc, try this. On the left wall of the XBOX ONE, there’s a tiny hole towards the front. It’s near the disc slot. Uncoil a large paperclip and push it into said hole. With a bit of luck, your game should have popped out slightly. Just remove it now by hand. Easy.

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