Destruction Derby PS1 Review

Destruction Derby – You’ve blown your radiator

Ultimate Destruction

“You’ve blown your radiator”. I have heard that so many times playing Destruction Derby. This was one of the first 3D racing games I played that had crash physics meaning you could lose wheels, doors and if you are not careful, your entire car. To help repair your car a pit stop was available but you could lose your position in the race by going in.

My Favourite Moments

The best memories were playing the bowl events and seeing how long you could last before your car was wrecked, making your car look like a matchbox. There are three cars to choose from – Rookie, Amateur and Pro. Rookie is slow but has the best handling. Amateur has an average speed and handling. Meanwhile, Pro is the fastest but more difficult to control.

We Need More Destruction Derby

Even today it’s still fun to play! There’s not really any games out there currently like this and if it was remade I would buy it in a heartbeat. This game is just tonnes of fun for when you are stressed and just want to smash some cars up. For the chaos seekers who love a bit of destruction, this game is for you.

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