Shenmue Data Discs Vinyl Review

Data Discs Shenmue Vinyl – Translucent Blue

“And thus the saga… Begins…”

Data Discs Shenmue Vinyl – A Dreamcast Come True

The newest addition to our vinyl collection comes directly from the guys at Data Discs and it’s an absolute beauty. Originally released for the Sega Dreamcast, Shenmue set a high standard and left a lasting impression on many 90’s gamers. With the third installment quickly becoming the highest funded project on Kickstarter, it’s quite clear that an abundance of Shenmue fans remain still.

Attention to Detail

Of course, a legendary game isn’t complete without an incredible soundtrack to boot and Shenmue certainly didn’t disappoint us there. Praise be to the guys at Data Discs for breathing new life into this beautiful soundtrack whilst also adding those much loved cosmetic touches that help keep us going back for more.

Once again, the vinyl itself comes in 3 distinct designs, the first being a limited edition translucent blue-in-blue effect, the second a translucent blue and finally a regular black. All of these editions also include a high-quality lithographic print of the original Shenmue artwork, which is a really nice touch.

Sadly, the limited edition blue-in blue design is no more. However, all is not lost as the impressive translucent blue is still available to purchase directly from the Data Discs website for just £19.99; huzzah!

Soothing Sounds of The Orient

What about the audio itself? It’s crisp, clear and heavenly. I’m so happy to finally be reliving it in such a majestic form after so many years. The combination of tranquil and epic, orchestral sounds of the Orient make for a real treat. It’s incredible how music alone can evoke so many memories.

The reminiscent tracks, in their new, glorious, re-mastered form help to get those nostalgic juices flowing. A single tear may just roll down your beaming face as you relive this treasure.

With their second release, Data Discs have done one of the Sega Dreamcast’s most popular titles a real justice. Two thumbs up to them for doing such a fantastic job! My only regret is not being fast enough to grab that gorgeous limited edition design this time around. I certainly won’t be making the same mistake again.

Buy it Before Shenmue III

Be sure to pick yourself up a copy of the Translucent Light Blue Shenmue vinyl on the Data Discs website or forever live in regret. It’s a great piece to keep the hype going, in anticipation for the release of Shenmue 3.

Another cracking release from the team at Data Discs! Keep up the great work! All of us here at Retro Review are eager to see (and hear) what sensations you have in store for the future.

Listen to Shenmue Vinyl by Data Discs

Here’s a taste of the Shenmue vinyl by Data Discs, courtesy of Youtuber Anthony [TRP]. There’s nothing better than listening to it play away in front of you, but this gives you a good idea of what to expect from the vinyl. Enjoy!

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