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    Retro Review Needs You!

    Some people have messaged us saying they want to help out with the website. You lot are great! We’re really feeling the love. If you do want to help out, here is a list of things you can do.

    1. Spread the word

    Spreading the word is vital. Although it seems simple, a simple share of our content can go a long way. Invite your friends on Facebook to like the Retro Review page, retweet us, share an article (or two) or simply tell a friend face to face. It really means a lot to us!

    2. Review a game

    Got a game you love? Perhaps one you despise? We love reading game reviews from the community and welcome you to send them to us. Drop us a message and we may be able to feature your review on the site!

    3. Meeting people in the retro industry

    If you or anyone you know have worked on a classic retro game tell them to get in touch. We’re always on the lookout for interview opportunities.

    4. Sponsors & Competitions

    Here at Retro Review, we do not ask for money from people visiting our website. We’ve hosted many awesome competitions in the past thanks to sponsor support! In the process, this has helped to spread the word on fantastic retro-related businesses. If you’d like to discuss a sponsorship opportunity in greater detail, feel free to drop us a message.


    If you made it to the bottom of this list you REALLY want to help us! For that, a big thank you from all of us! It’s always difficult starting up a website like this, there’s sooooo much competition. Every single one of you is helping to build this community from the ground up, so thanks again! Did we say thanks enough?

    Ultimately, gaming is all about fun and that’s exactly what we want you to have while you’re here. If you’re having a good time exploring Retro Review, then we’re happy!