tmnt cashpacks

Cashpacks – Novelty Money Packaging Inspired by Retro Toys

Cash! Practically unlimited potential. Buy a car, a boat, an island, a sandwich!

Cash is great. As a gift though, it’s not very exciting.

But, with a sprinkling of nostalgia, a heap of parody and just a smidgen of sarcasm, that’s all changing.

We’re turning gifts of cash into something truly awesome. Put the fun into funds with CashPacks.

Here are the initial prototypes created. If you are interested in them we will be doing a giveaway on the Retro Review Facebook page.

transformers cashpacks

tmnt cashpacks

thundercats cashpacks

starwars cashpacks

pokemon cashpacks

my little pony cashpacks

masters universe cashpacks

heman cashpacks

flash gordon cashpacks

decepticons cashpacks

cashpacks tmnt

cashpacks starwars

care bears cashpacks

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