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This game eviscerated the mould and set the tone for pretty much every puzzler since. Come on lets face it, you have to think pretty damn hard to remember any puzzle game before Tetris. We all know of its origins and its Russian/Ukrainian inventor bloke and how it set the GB blazing across the late 80’s and most of the 90’s but let’s concentrate on the game.

Graphically apt (for the system it was on) the game relied on substance rather than shiny packaging. A set of simple shaded/patterned shapes set to a plain columned backdrop with a central playing board.

Sound effects left much to be desired just a series of beeps and tones but you soon forgot about them when drowned out to a selection of 4 funky Tetris tunes.

Just fit the falling geometric shapes together to form completed lines by rotating them, that’s it. Easy as pie? I think not.

The game play was great and I mean that whole heartedly, if in an Olympic event it would be 9 across the board and although I have many games that come close I can only say that about the game play of Tetris, is pretty flawless. I have never come across before or since such an addictive game. Humbling, simple, yet monstrously complex. Easy, fun yet infuriatingly frustrating. You can play this game for hours and hours striving for a better score than last time. I still have an ongoing feud with my missus as to who has the highest score (currently here but lets not dwell on that).

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